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Civil War Reenacting

9th Virginia

// EST. 1861


Chesterfield Yellow-Jackets "We Sting"
Be a part of history.

9th Virginia Reencting.

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About the 9th Virginia
Civil War Reenacting and Living History

The 9th Virginia, Company C is a part of the 10th Battalion,

Army of Northern Virginia. Our company strives for a balance

between being as authentic as possible in our dress, demeanor,

equipment and activities and being a family-oriented organization.

The families of men-at-arms are invited to participate, and

individual civilian impressions of the Civil War period are also

encouraged. In our camp, we make certain concessions for the

inclusion of women and children. Participation is strictly optional

for any activity or event. We treat new members like family,

with guidance and friendship. New members receive the 9th’s

“New Recruit Guide”, which details uniform and accouterments

requirements as well as language of the 19th century and other

information helpful to the new reenactor.  All members and recruits

are kept informed of unit activities through our private & public website.


The 9th Virginia is a growing Company. We are comprised of professionals,

working class individuals and the self-employed.  The members of the recreated

9th are mainly from Long Island and southern New York. We attend events

principally in this area, but also venture to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Rhode Island,

and beyond.

***2015 Events***

For those interested in joining or finding out more about the unit contact:


Captain Jim Carrick 516-729-5952


Private John Hewitt


Under age 25 and interested? Find out about the Young Guns division of the 9th Virginia:


Corporal Drew Carrick




We have loaner gear readily available and can have you on the field shooting at our next event. Contact us ASAP to get in on the action!



 Civil War Reenacting is the hobby that thousands of American's participate in every weekend to live through and recreate the events that happened over 150 years ago.  We dress the part, and we live the part. We do it for the crowds, and we do it for ourselves.  We respect those who died, and we enjoy our time as well.

March            14            Saint Patrick's Day parade, Westhampton, LI 


April              17            Huntington historical society weekend/end of war event commemoration


                    24/25/26  Battalion Event Neshaminy Reenactment, Bensalem, PA 


May              15/16/17   Smithtown Historical Society Living History Weekend, Smithtown, LI


                    23/24       Greenwood cemetery end of war commemoration, NY


July              17/18/19   Battalion Event Funkstown, Maryland


August         7/8/9        Battalion Event Waynesboro MA


September    19           Smithtown Historical Society Heritage Fair, Smithtown, LI


                   19/20       LaGrange, Sayville, LI


October        16/17/18   Battalion Event Ceder Creak Battle Field event, Middletown, VA





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